California Spanish K-5 Curriculum

The purpose of the SPANISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE page is to provide a basic foundation in Spanish for the Non-Spanish and Limited Spanish Proficient (LSP) student. The goal of this transitional website is the progressive development of language skills that will enable learners to function successfully in school and society. Concomitantly, this program facilitates students‟ adjustment to a new environment by introducing them to Spanish culture.

At the elementary school level, the Spanish language activities are designed to develop basic communication skills. These basic skills include: listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary, and linguistic skills through a content-based and multi- cultural curriculum.

Efforts are made to develop in the student and staff of the school an attitude of acceptance of non-native American students. Native Spanish speaking students are encouraged to share their heritage and culture with native English-speaking students. With these shared experiences, all students can learn and value cultural diversity in our community and society.

The focus of the Hablas Espanol program is the fulfillment of the academic, social, and personal goals of each individual student. It recognizes individual differences in language proficiency and cultural backgrounds. It endeavors to provide learners with opportunities to develop and realize their potential, interests, and aspirations.

My goal as a teacher is for the students to achieve the following foreign language benchmarks:

  1. To help  students attain proficiency in Spanish for communication in school and the community.
  2. To help students attain proficiency in Spanish in order to make satisfactory progress in the regular school program.
  3. To prepare students to successfully meet criteria on standardized tests, exams, and quizzes.
  4. To provide instruction that satisfies cultural as well as linguistic needs.
  5. To promote an appreciation of different cultures and their contributions to our society.

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