Listening and Speaking K-5

Bienvenidos Alumnos (Welcome Back Students),

Now you have reached the end of my class, and we have learned a lot this year from the basic irregular verbs, nouns, pronouns,infinitive, and stem-changing. Yes, this sounds like a lot and complicated, but we did exactly the opposite and the really challenging part is applying it to listening and speaking. As Spanish speakers, you must remember in all grade levels that as you continue the rules remain the same, but you need to pay close attention because most will begin to speak quickly. Below I’ve included basic videos that cover the basics and to assist you with the pronunciation which is key to communication in another foreign language. Remember there are some combined letters that need extra emphasis, so I do kindly advice to be extra careful.

Other Resources:

Here are other resources that include a worksheet script that you may follow along if you are not entirely ready.




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