Welcome Students,

As your Spanish teacher, I am delighted to work with you on understanding the basic concepts of Spanish from reading, writing, listening and even speaking. Learning another language can be challenging at times, however, with a bright mind, practice, and patience one can hone this beautiful language and apply it toward high learning. The weekly homework packet will contain precise instructions that will help you as a learner to understand the foundation of Spanish and to meet the standard benchmarks for world languages. Each section will contain writing exercises in Spanish and terms of my choosing which will require you to create several academic sentences to show me you understand the basic grammatical rules and structure. On a different section, it will include visual pictures and words that must be matched correctly as shown in the example.  Once you’ve completed each section, you must turn it in the dropbox in my class or to save paper; there will be a link to a dropbox where you may submit it via internet.

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/home Homework Submission -Tarea Completa